Friday, November 7, 2008

Pally Power

Because I decided to level my Paladin's Enchanting, I ended up playing her last night. I was surprised at how much Paladins have changed. It confused the heck out of me to see three different Judgements and then realise that the whole dynamic of judging and sealing has changed.

After spending a long time altering my layout as I quested (and mucking around for ages making a mount / Crusader Aura macro that works), I realise that I'm still going to have to go back and change things around to benefit me the best both for tanking and while soloing. I still have mana issues while questing, so this is something I will just have to sort out as I get used to playing again.

Incidentally, I blew a whole lot of Enchanting mats on levelling her Enchanting to 345. I need more Large Prismatic Shards to push it to 350, and then it will be just a matter of either making Void Spheres or getting Enchanting drops as I continue to level, and applying those for skillups. GG two Enchanters. ;)

Dvaenya is level 64. How I will respec tonight is: 0/51/4. I've been reading a little about how to actually play a Protection specced Paladin well. I knew the basics, but seeing as I play so many classes it can be hard to come to grips with everything you should know in order to be a good player with each given class.

At level 66 I get Seal of Corruption, which should make a difference to tanking / killing stuff.

I'm still having fun with my Warrior. She is level 42 now. I will get Ripsaw from ZF, which I can wield at level 45, and continue replacing gear from the AH and from each instance I zip into as she levels.

I may also replace my Curve-bladed Ripper at level 48 with an Axe of Rin'ji. Maybe.

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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Nicole said...

AH! i love my pally! funny how i came across this page. i was looking at your ninja key chain..then read your journey blog description and then saw WOWbrief and i was like..... WOOT! It must be so interesting to live in Japan. I wanted to do a homestay to get as much as the japanese culture I could get but never did it. I am trying to teach myself japanese ..started out with fraises ..then went to hiragama and still working on that and katakana. well thanks for reading lol.