Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Almost Here!

Lich King is but hours from going live. Account upgrades are now available for both US and European realms. You will need to upgrade your account to access Northrend content.

A lot of people have been QQing because of today's extended maintenance. All I can say -- and this coming from a sympathetic viewpoint of someone who can't log in anyway due to being at work -- is: cry more, nubs. Give Blizzard a break. They have a huge responsibility this week -- but they have a daunting task overall.

I am glad that a problem such as this mailbox bug has occurred today rather than in two days' time when every server will be flooded with people attempting to head to Northrend / Ebon Hold to immerse themselves in the new content.

Personally, I will not be receiving my Lich King DVD for a few more days yet. I actually feel really good about this. I am in no hurry to level my Mage to 80. Not only is this because I currently don't have a guild -- therefore there is no pressure on me to get to 80 and snag as much heroic gear in as little time as possible -- but I really want to absorb everything: read every quest description, take my time figuring out quest circuits, level my professions at a leisurely pace, breathe in the surroundings...

I barely did anything in beta. I felt that it was better to wait for the actual release of the real thing to sow my time into something that counted, personally. I also want to experience the content in a fresh way. Having walked the streets of Dalaran prepared me for the confusion of entering a city for the first time; but having not flown over all of the zones means that it will be fresh and new for me when I do enter each new place and experience everything that those places have to offer.

With these last few days that I have I intend to continue levelling my Warrior as if the servers are not aflush with hundreds of level 70s striving to gain experience over in Northrend, or brand new Death Knights pushing their way into Outland, and beyond.

If all goes well, I may end up overlapping with hordes of Death Knights as they merge with the rest of the population and pour into Outland. Perhaps seeing a warrior in Outland will be a unique experience for people who have been staring death in the face for the last four levels. ;)

Suffice to say, I am excited about what is to come over the next few weeks, if not months. It has been almost two years since my Mage was in mismatched armour, and epics were being replaced with greens and blues. To experience it again will be very nostalgic. To experience things for the first time will be incredibly exhilirating and uplifting.

In this positive time, I can only imagine the adventure that awaits. Server issues, quest item squabbling, instance wipes -- all of these are elements that are far outweighed by the breadth and scope of everything else that will reach into my soul and fulfil that part of me that desires accomplishment, advancement and experiencing the immersion of fantasy and lore that the World of Warcraft brings.

Come to life, new adventure -- and face the death that is the Lich King.

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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