Monday, November 17, 2008

Level 60 vs Level 71

I have continued to play my warrior. She is now level 60, which means Titan's Grip has become a reality, It didn't take long for me to level my 2H axe skill from 1 to over 280. One Blood Furnace run later and it is at 299/300.

Anyway, hitting stuff with two huge axes is just as much fun as I anticipated. It was easy enough to adjust to the rage gain difference. Levelling to 70 will be fun indeed. ^^

I have decided to drop Blacksmithing in favour of another gathering skill. If I pick up Skinning, then essentially I will have three skinners. However, I prefer playing a warrior to both druid and hunter, who are my other two skinners. Besides, gathering professions are likely to increase my income a little bit.

In getting my journeyman riding skill, it pretty much cleaned me out. Gaiwyn only has about 60g right now. I will have to do a whole lot more Borean Tundra questing and maybe see if enchants are in demand at all.

After all, I have to save up 1,000g by level 77 for Cold Weather Flying. :/

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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