Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MacGyver vs Chuck Norris

I quested a little more with my warrior last night and dinged 61. Much more of Hellfire Peninsula to go.

Why hadn't I discovered these nifty tools before?
Bladed Pickaxe -- for those gatherers.
Gnomish Army Knife -- great for Engineers; but why the Skinning Knife peripheral?
Hammer Pick -- Blacksmiths who mine their own ore, rejoice.

I took my mage to Feathermoon. Why, you ask? It's time to cash in some Librams of Protection at the Dire Maul library for Shen'dralar reputation. But what benefit does this give you?! Absolutely none. I am a rep whore -- a rep whore who doesn't have Exalted Hydraxian, Zandalar, Nozdormu, Scale of the Sands or Ashtongue. :(

I need 39,809 reputation to reach max Exalted. Each Libram gives 550 rep. That means a total of 73 Librams of Protection, 73 Frayed Abomination Stitchings, 73 Pristine Black Diamonds and 146 Large Brilliant Shards. It also means 73 treks between Feathermoon Stronghold and Dire Maul North. >.>

It's a fruitless endeavour but one I will chip away at over the next couple of years as I strive for other achievements.

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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