Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Live!

The expansion went live and hordes of Alliance poured into Northrend.

Wowhead have implemented a blog on their website. I've added it to the sidebar.

When I got home, I logged my level 52 warrior to do a little questing towards gaining a higher level. I did a /who 71 and saw four people at that level after just an hour and a half past the official launch time. Incidentally, they were all in Borean Tundra -- my preferred zone of the two starting Northrend zones.

I gained a level on my warrior and then went out for dinner. Upon return, I already had plans to watch a movie with my friend, but decided to log my mage quickly to see what was going on. Some of my friends were in Utgarde Keep, which kind of made me feel like I was missing out on all the action.

But I'm really not worried. I look forward to experiencing everything that the Lich King expansion has to offer; and I intend to go at a slower pace than in the previous expansion, immersing myself in the lore a lot more and just absorbing everything around me as I move through each zone and fight my way through each instance.

I was finally able to get the Lich King client to download. It finished installing and updated to the latest patch. As soon as my brother gives me the product key from the copy that I had him pre-order for me, I will be able to upgrade my account.

Northrend stoically awaits Gaiwyn. Gaiwyn patiently awaits his expansion upgrade.

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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