Sunday, November 16, 2008

Borean Tundra - Amber Ledge to Coldarra

I killed stuff nearby to get a key to open a prison, then went and checked out some seismic readings before heading back to the ledge to get the followups. The quests here give Kirin Tor reputation.

I ran back to grab a sorcerer whom I dragged back to town, connected by a chain. Apparently Kirin Tor mages have gone missing and questioning prisoners is the only way to find out why one in particular was taken captive.

On my way to getting the key for the next quest, I had to dive deep underwater to check out a larger seismic location. Glowy purple stuff. Oooh.

Rescue time! Our esteemed prisoner awaits my heroic endeavour to destroy the shield protecting her captor and slaying that egregious guard for her key. Unfortunately, she was already dead so all I had to do was simply loot the key from a box. ^^

It seems that the key was damaged and I have to repair it. Two dragon flights later and I find myself in Coldarra. And cold and icy it is.

The Nexus

Some running around saw me complete the initial quests in this area. This whole Malygos and the Blue Dragonflight storyline is pretty cool.

Malygos of the Blue Dragonflight

Quests here give The Wyrmrest Accord reputation. That's four factions so far.

I dinged while doing my second round of quests: Level 71.

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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