Thursday, November 20, 2008

Borean Tundra - Kaskala to Death's Stand

I rode up to Kaskala and killed some of the raiders. It's freezing at home right now and all that ice scenery didn't exactly make me feel any warmer. >.<

Heading up to Death's Stand was no better, as it is all snow-covered ground as well -- the surrounding area is, after all, called the Frozen Reach.

After killing some of the defenders around the nearby ziggurat, I ventured inside to find Thassarian, a Death Knight. Now things are getting interesting! (And I need a coffee to warm myself up).

Inside The Wailing Ziggurat

Thassarian sent me back to Death's Stand to jump on his horse, Dusk. Sweet, I get to ride a Death Knight's mount!

Off to find a phylactery.

Giddyup Dusk

Next stop:

The Temple City of En'Kilah

Once inside, I simply had to inflict 20 undead casualties.

Inside En'Kilah

A return visit saw me kill three priests, one at each of the three spires.

The final quest was a group quest at the very top of Naxxanar. A small scenario played out and then we got to kill Prince Valanar. I leaped off the top of the necropolis to float down, for half a minute of high altitude perusing of the landscape, before hearthing back to Fizzcrank Airstrip.

After sorting my inventory out I will be logging out. Borean Tundra is officially complete!

Next stop: Howling Fjord.

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore


Adam said...

Your blog is awesome!

Keyblade5 said...

Indeed! Congrats on your completion on Borean Tundra! /cheers