Friday, November 14, 2008

Borean Tundra - Valiance Keep

I logged into the server and ported to Stormwind before clearing my mailbox and getting rid of a few things to make room in my bags. I rode down to the harbour and took the ship to Valiance Keep in Borean Tundra.

My Lich King journey has begun.

Upon arrival, I grabbed the Flight Point and then ran around town unlocking the next level of my professions: Grand Master First Aid, Grand Master Enchanting and Grand Master Tailoring, as well as learning all recipes available to me. It took a decent chunk out of my miserable 500-odd gold stash.

I picked up quests and ran out into the nearby area to fulfil the requirements. I eventually finished those up, as well as the few around the Keep itself. I moved up into Farshire and had to go into the mine a couple of times to complete some quests in that area.

Some ghoul killing and harvester rewiring later and it was back to the farmers of Farshire -- where I hit Friendly with Valiance Expedition -- and then the inn back at town, which incidentally is now my hearthstone home.

The server had three minutes left on its restart timer, so I decided that it would be prudent to log out while in the inn.


After the server restart, I logged back in to finish up a few loose ends before I could head down to Riplash Strand, which I will start on tomorrow.

Day 1 of my Northrend experience complete.

I realise that playing for such a short stretch of time means I haven't progressed terribly much, but this is part of my plan. I have been reading the full text of every quest and just strolling through quests I already did in beta. So far it is basically some guff on cultists among the friendlies and some scourge activity. I know that in reading every quest's description and experiencing every scripted event, I will fully experience this new content and appreciate what the development team have done regarding the whole Lich King story behind it all.

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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