Monday, October 19, 2009

Are You Prepared For 3.3?

I have yet to go and fight this year's Headless Horseman. Perhaps I will see the horse drop again and actually win the roll? Or maybe it will take ten years of seeing it drop to finally outroll someone. >.< I completely missed Brewfest, but it didn't really hold any excitement for me. Achievements are on the back burner. :/

The testing continues on the PTR. Looks like the Lich King's new "champion" could turn out to be Bolvar Fordragon, who, if you remember, was slain at the Wrathgate by those foul Forsaken.

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are some nice changes coming. The current patch notes reflect some nice improvements to various classes, and reputations will be easier to gain overall.

I continue to level my warrior. She is now level 73 and starting on Grizzly Hills.

That's all!


Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Frozen Throne

Firstly, I'd like to recap my recent play experiences. I have been playing three toons: my mage, my priest and my warrior.

I finished Sholazar Basin with Gaiwyn, to gain the achievements Into the Basin and Loremaster of Northrend, the latter of which granted me the tailoring recipe for Deathchill Cloak. Being Frostfire is proving to be both powerful and fun. 13K Frostfire Bolt crits are crazy.

Ilyaena is level 77 and still melting faces. I got Fo' Shizzle My Grizzle and moved onto Sholazar Basin, but having recently done it with Gaiwyn makes me want to take a break from that zone for a little while. One option is to bite the bullet and simply start questing in Zul'drak; another is to play another toon aside from my warrior.

I have been making steady progress with Zlaenya. I got her to level 72, and she also has Cold Weather Flying, which helps immensely. Dragonblight is frequently feeling my fury. Warriors are fun!

Another thing I have been doing is trying to buy up Cobalt Ore at a reasonable price. So far I have smithed a lot of items with Nick's warrior and disenchanted them. I just have to work out which enchants are best to sell at the auction house to turn a pretty profit.

With the Lich King solidifying his hold on Northrend even more and the argent champions doing all in their power to overcome the scourge, the epic battle within Icecrown Citadel looms ever closer.

The patch notes will no doubt be updated regularly, but as it stands there are some nice changes incoming. Let's take a look at what patch 3.3 is likely to offer:

Firstly, the instances that we have been holding our breath for: Icecrown Citadel's raids and five-man wings. I would absolutely love to have the chance to experience Tier 10 content, but since my mage is still in T7 and I don't have the slightest chance of having enough time to raid, let alone do the latest heroics, I guess I'll just have to settle for watching videos and drooling over images of gear and encounter screenshots. So far, things are looking rather delectable.

Class changes are indeed improvements, too.

The changes to Improved Scorch are long overdue, where stacking is no longer required to gain the 5% spell crit increase. And there is a new glyph to make a mage's Water Elemental more of a pet; perhaps much like the indefinite up-time of a Death Knight's ghoul. The introduction of this glyph alone is making me second guess my recent move away from frost.

Speaking of Death Knights, we knew it was coming, but the changes to Scourge Strike should finally make it worth having as your primary talent again. Wave goodbye to Obliterate, if you are Unholy. Thank goodness. >.>

Some of the changes for shadow priests are very nice, too. Changes to haste, more mana regen and a greater bonus to shadow will increase overall performance.

Finally, new achievements are worth looking at, even if I will never be given the chance to attempt any of them. Titles like I'm on a Boat (that single from The Lonely Island, m*thaf*cka) and I've Gone and Made a Mess (a tribute to Moroes) made me chuckle.

There's also the latest Feat of Strength: It's Over Nine Thousand! Self-explanatory >.<

Keep an eye out for talent updates and other upcoming changes as the PTR continues to drive forward in its endeavour to prepare us for the storming of that final bastion that stands between Northrend's finest and the obliteration of the scourge once and for all.

I can't wait to see how the Lich King's long awaited defeat is decisively delivered!

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore