Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Exciting Pre-Expansion Changes

Patch 3.0.2 goes live tonight. The servers have been down for a while already and will continue to be down until everything is completed tomorrow. I'm going to be restless all day as I wait to finish work. I'm excited about these pre-expansion changes!

Here's a summary of what is being changed and added:

  • You can no longer get bear mounts from ZA

  • Hand of A'dal and Champion of the Naaru titles are no longer obtainable

  • The Onyxia attunement and Atiesh questlines have been removed

  • Naxxramas has been shifted to Northrend and will not be accessible until the expansion goes live

  • Barber shops are available in major faction cities

  • Graphics have been updated, including the new shadow engine

  • Stormwind Harbor is available but ships don't yet go to Northrend

  • Mounts and vanity pets are now trainable and will go into your Pet tab when learned

  • The entrance to Caverns of Time: Stratholme has been added, though you cannot zone into the instance

  • Badges of Justice, Marks of Honor, etc are now Tokens

  • The in-game events calendar has been added

  • Achievements should be live -- check Wowhead for a complete list

  • Healing and Spell Damage stats have been combined into the new Spellpower stat -- this includes school specific damage (nature, fire, frost etc)

  • A lot of armour and items have been changed to reflect the new game mechanics

  • Buffs, debuffs and auras are all now raid-wide

  • TBC raid monsters have had a 30% health reduction

  • New talent trees for all classes

  • Introduction of the Inscription profession: scrolls, vellum and class glyphs

  • Two new arenas: Dalaran Arena and The Ring of Valor

  • Honor-purchased gems are no longer BoP or unique-equipped, so can be sold on the AH

Go ahead and check everything out if you haven't already. This is a huge patch with many playstyle-affecting changes. Everyone's toons will have to be re-treed tomorrow; and there will be a lot to take in.

I was going to wait to roll my Death Knight before picking up Inscription, but people are likely to charge exorbitant prices for everything. At least we have another month to hoard our gold in preparation for levelling to 80.

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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