Sunday, October 12, 2008


Blizzcon wrapped up today. There were a few interesting things, WoW-related. The Q&A that was recorded was interesting. Arena matches and tournaments don't interest me, but these Europeans won 75K and a replica Frostmourne each. How freaking cool is that?!

Read my Tokyo Game Show Review. It's not WoW-related, but it I was there all of yesterday while people in America were at Blizzcon. Seeing as it ran parallel to the other event, there is a connection -- of sorts.

I have been unable to play WoW this weekend. I go home tomorrow, and have Tuesday off, so that is plenty of time to spend levelling my warrior!

I also want to do some more mage testing. And, if fate smiles upon me, I wouldn't mind killing Kael and Vashj for the title, the achievement of which is being removed this week, with patch 3.0.2 going live on Tuesday. :o

The expansion draws closer -- and I still have not organised getting it upon release. :/

I spent a couple of hours today formatting my forum signature. I tweaked the animated gif a lot, ending up with a file that almost reached 400kb. I dumbed it down again and simplified it (at one point each toon's banner slid into place, which was a pretty cool effect -- but I have since removed this function), so that the file size is as small as I can achieve while it still serves its purpose: scrolling through each of my toons to display their various stats.

Read my thread here, for more info.

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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