Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some More Screenshots

Once you get to Stormwind and speak to the King, you become friendly and it is the end of the Death Knight quests. This leaves pretty much the whole world open to you. Since you are now level 58, you could step through the Dark Portal and level through Outland. There's nothing like experiencing old content with a new class. ;)

Also, each time you get a new sword, don't forget to forge it with a new rune! I flew all the way from Ebon Hold to IF only to port back to Ebon hold to forge the sword I picked up in one of the later quests. :/

It's the Baron

'Sup Noth

Even Death Knights play dress-up

A frost wyrm. Rawr!

The Lich King visits Light's Hope Chapel

He's not too happy


How cool...

...is this!

Time to visit Stormwind

I get the feeling I'm not welcome

Back to playing! Time to hit Outland. XD

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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