Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Champion, Forge Thy Runeblade

I rolled a Death Knight.

You are prepared

Oh, the Lich King wants to greet me

Forge your blade and then...

...choose a rune

Activate the eye

Explore New Avalon, south-east of Tyr's Hand

Hey, it's Mograine and the Baron!

Kel'Thuzad's brother?

Time to leave Ebon Hold

A scourge gryphon ride down

This looks important

Mount acquired!

Gothik the Harvester gives me a quest. Cool.

I am a mine car

Did someone order gravel?

I am very very sneaky

Escaping the ship


Essentially, the starting quests for the Death Knight class are amazingly done. It is all very smooth and very cool. It is also very easy to level from 55 to 56, as you begin with rested XP and the quests give you a decent amount. You also receive talent points from particular quests along the way, to ease you into your role as a DK.

I look forward to playing some more. Just don't expect a whole lot more screenshots than this. I kinda got carried away as I quested.

Also, of note, is the announcement that the release date for the expansion is the 13th of November, so mark that down in your calendar, book three days off work or school, and be prepared to launch into Northrend in just two months time!

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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