Thursday, September 11, 2008

Beta Log: Lichdate 2008-09-11

I played the beta for a bit today. So far all I have really experienced is about as much as I did back in the alpha. I have only played my mage. It has been a mission to try and get addons to work, but quartz, pitbull and fubar all seem to work fine, so that is good.

I like Living Bomb. What I don't like is the mana inefficiency of fire. I also can't see the debuff on mobs so don't know the timer on Living Bomb.

Questing so far seems to be pretty straightforward, although I have had to check Wowhead for locations of certain things. I guess I just don't want to ride around aimlessly attempting to figure out where to go to complete any given quest. But then, once I've done them, when the expansion goes live I will zerg through them easily. :p

I have taken two screenshots. One didn't save. It was just the generic WotLK loading screen. The other one is of Stormwind harbour. I beg forgiveness for my lame UI at the time. I will take more screenies as time goes on, including replacing this one with a better shot of SWH, but I'm about as much of an in-game screenshotter as I am a photographer in the logged out world. That is to say, I don't take many pictures of what I experience. :/

Stormwind Harbor

Unfortunately, Murmer, the premade PvP characters realm, is down, so I can't log my premade mage. Hopefully I will get a chance to test a level 80 mage before the end of the weekend. XD

Edit: Northrend also appears to be down, which means I will be unable to play right now. I guess I'll be logging the live game now. :(

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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