Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Talent Builds at Level 80

Despite the fact that skills and talents are constantly being tweaked, we do have a fair idea of what most classes' final trees will look like. As I currently have so much time around here, I felt like putting together my intended build for each character. For most of my characters, I will be respeccing into a different tree -- which should make the game more interesting.

Level 70 -- 2/48/11 -- Fire
Level 80 -- 53/0/18 -- Arcane Frost
My reasoning: I tried arcane for a while at 70 but it was just too mana intensive (a lot of downtime in heroics, even after the mana gem changes). I love fire for its DoT and mana efficiency while also putting out a steady stream of damage. However, I look forward to a change and believe that if I will be raiding at 80, arcane will benefit me the most in terms of overall damage and fun. With frost as my second school, I am also optimising my efficiency as a caster. Essentially, it's time for a change and the new talents provide me with the excuse to do so!

Level 70 -- 42/19/0 -- Arena Discipline
Level 80 -- 14/0/57 -- Shadow
My reasoning: I want to play as a PvE shadow priest. However, I might respec to my old holy build at release of the expansion and level to 80 as a healer, seeing as I have much better healing than damage gear. Still, levelling to 70 as a shadow priest was fine when it came to healing level 60-68 instances, so I guess I'll see at the time.

Level 70 -- 49/0/12 -- PvP Mutilate
Level 80 --19/52/0 -- Combat Swords
Reasoning: Of course, I would have Remorseless Attacks as I levelled. I still intend to finish getting the honour to afford my Merciless Gladiator's Slicer so I can respec to hemo. However, I am contemplating not PvPing with my rogue at level 80, but rather having fun doing damage as a combat specced sword-wielding rogue. Once again, opportunity presents me with the excuse to change.

Level 70 -- 5/53/3 -- Marksmanship
I have no plans to level him to 80.
Reasoning: Too much effort for a toon that I only really used for cooking and fishing (and dailies) -- even though I did level his leatherworking and got his epic set and a few more crafted epics for the sake of it. I think I will level those secondary professions with my mage between when I start playing again and the release of the expansion.

Level 70 -- 41/0/20 -- Elemental
Level 80 -- 0/5/66 -- Restoration or 51/0/20 -- Elemental
Reasoning: I haven't tried a healing spec as a shaman. I have healed a bit as elemental and I really enjoy being a caster, so elemental suits me as a player. However, I can't decide at this point if I will try the whole restoration spec thing or stay elemental. With the changes to spell pushback, Eye of the Storm and Healing Focus will probably be reviewed, as well.

Level 70 -- 0/47/14 -- Feral Combat
I have no plans to level her to 80.
Reasoning: Levelling a druid was an experiment for me. I just wanted to see how playing a druid was. I must admit, I really enjoyed it (it was the fastest class to level). I might level her to 80 before the third expansion, but I really don't want to spend time levelling a toon I will barely play except to do dailies a little differently.

Level 62 -- 0/51/2 -- Protection
Level 80 -- 0/63/8 -- Protection
Reasoning: I don't know why I took so long to roll and level a paladin. It was easy to quest alongside my friend as holy but when he stopped playing I had to go retribution. I didn't particularly like that spec, and since giving my warrior to my brother my only tank was my druid. I intend to level Dvaenya to 80 as my main tank toon -- and I am contemplating dropping enchanting for inscription, too. Prot pallies FTW!

No doubt as talents are altered between now and the release of WotLK, I will think more about these possible builds. I still want to respec into these particular trees for my toons, but some talents will possibly be juggled around a bit. I want to raid at level 80 with my mage and priest and run heroics with the other toons that I eventually level.

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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