Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Gear

Check out a few more pieces of gear that have been released. The barbaric, rugged Norse theme for Northrend gear is pretty cool:

Unnamed Arena Mace

Grips of Sculptured Icicles

Frozen Forest Kilt

Dragon Slayer's Sabatons

Spaulders of the Careless Thief

Cleric's Linen Shoes

Opposed Stasis Leggings

Lifeblade of Belgaristrasz

Wyrmclaw Battleaxe

Girdle of Obscuring

Eredormu's Ornamented Chestguard

Spaulders of Skillful Maneuvers

Eternally Folded Blade

Centrifuge Core Cloak

Projectile Activator

Leather-Braced Chain Leggings

Raiments of the Titans

Gjarngrin Family Signet

Whew! Also, see what rogues are complaining about.

It can't be long now before I get my laptop. Next week, I should have a home Internet connection and will be able to play again!

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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