Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Professionally Speaking

I read the transcript of three interviews yesterday with various Bliz personnel. The first interview was about music in the game, especially focusing on what is to be expected in WotLK.

The second interview was what I was most interested in. It covered professions and expected changes with the expansion. I have every profession across my toons, and so found many things in that interview to be interesting. Check out the following summary from MMO-Champion (edited):

  • The alchemy discovery system could be added to all professions, but will be restricted to "fun" discoveries or more predictable outcomes.
  • Players may be able to collect tokens from daily profession quests and use these to purchase select recipes from token vendors.
  • 375 skill requirement for the best craftable gear was too high -- expect the required level for epic craftable gear to be lower than the max 450 in WotLK.
  • Sets such as Frozen Shadoweave were "too powerful", damage stats being equated with Tier 6, but available to any tailor without too much trouble (eg. Didn't require nethers). School-specific craftable items will be reviewed.

  • Blacksmiths will be able to add sockets to a weapon, Armorsmiths will be able to add a metasocket to armor.
  • The plan is to try to balance Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing to make both specs viable and interesting.

  • Fishing will be more interesting and require more than half-conscious clicking.
  • There will be fishing-specific food in WotLK just like what was introduced in TBC with recipes like Spicy Crawdad or Golden Fish Sticks. (Might be time to get both this and the cooking skill for my mage...).

  • Some of the engineering items nerfed in TBC like the Gnomish Mind Control Cap will probably be un-nerfed and/or upgraded in WotLK.
  • Items like Rocket Boots will be changed to an "enchantment" allowing you to convert any footwear to Rocket Boots.
  • WotLK now allows engineers to do "on-use enchantments" to items, and they're going to use it a lot. (Parachute Cloak enchant, or something to let you shoot webs from your gloves, etc.) -- each "enchantment" would replace any existing one on the armour, and vice versa.

  • Enchanters will be able to sell their enchantments at the Auction House (or send them to alts) -- Scrolls of Enchantment.

  • Discovery won't be used for "important" recipes anymore, it will be either predictable or just produce "fun" recipes.

  • Not as reliant on world drops.


  • One inscription is equivalent to one or two talent points, and all the inscriptions aren't about increasing power; sometime they’re a big power increase but they’ll change something else about the spell. (eg. reducing the cast time of Pyroblast down to 3 sec but adding a 25 sec cooldown, or decreasing the effect of Last Stand from 30% to 20% of your max health, but giving it a 2 min cooldown instead of an 8 min cooldown).
  • Inscriptions will affect talents, but probably won't affect passive talents very often.
  • 15-20 Inscriptions will be available for each class, sometimes with more than one inscription available for a specific skill.

So these are some of the changes to look foward to with professions! The third part of the transcript covered a few questions that people had directed towards Jeff "Tigole" Kaplan. It makes for an interesting read.

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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