Monday, August 18, 2008

Mounts and Jewelcrafting Quests

Firstly, I just want to briefly mention the changes in the latest build (8788). Hunters, Warriors and Death Knights have perhaps received the most changes since my last update. If you are interested, check their talents.

Daily jewelcrafting quests have been added. Six new daily quests have been added that require you to craft items and receive certain drops from monsters. Thoughts are that one random quest will be available daily, but for now you can choose one of the six and the other five are locked. The rewards for these quests are the tokens I mentioned in this post. The Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token allows you to purchase these rewards. See also: screenshot.

Finally, mounts. I'd like to mention again the Magnificent Flying Carpet that I am looking forward to crafting on my mage. It requires 450 tailoring, but it will be so cool to fly around Outland and Northrend on a flying carpet! Also, the speed of mounts has changed to: "Speed scales with riding skill."

Some screenies:


Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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