Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fifty Thousand Gold

What do you call a part-time goblin; someone who is a small fry in a big sea of sharks all trying to come out on top and turn a big profit? A halfling? A hobgoblin? A Demigoblin?

Well, whatever it is called: that's me. It's hard to be a casual player and make it in the auction house game; the game of goblins. There are people out there who play many different markets and those who stick to just one or two - who manage to do pretty well for themselves. I hear reports of players with hundreds of thousands of gold stocked up, or pulling in tens of thousands in a week.

For this demigoblin, having finally reached the seemingly pitiful milestone of 50,000 gold is a big thing. I can't put my fingers in too many pies because of lack of time; and a lot of the pies I try to stick my fingers into just get burnt or come out sticky and not very nice tasting.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Building an enterprise takes time; it takes mistakes and learning; and it takes patience and having to force yourself to ignore everyone around you and how they are doing. My 50k gold may seem pitiful in light of how other auctioneers are doing; but for me, it is a good goal to have reached.

I still have a fair stockpile of "twink" items, Saronite Ore, and glyphs and inks. These will take a fair bit of patience and skillful posting to sell.
  • Glyphs have proven to be fairly slow moving; but I will turn the inks I collected before 4.0.3 into popular glyphs and get those out.
  • Saronite Ore is not yet in low supply / high demand; so that has become a long-term investment.
  • Twink items - especially epics - don't seem to have any interest attached to them; which may indicate the need to try and sell them individually through trade rather than auctions over an extended period of time.
  • All of my Netherweave Bags have sold!
  • A few enchants have sold - and some enchanting mats have sold (including Wrath and Burning Crusade mats); but this is also a long-term investment. I intend to hearken back to trying to sell levelling enchants again.
  • Gems are a slow moving market, with huge undercutting wars still going on; but this just becomes a matter of posting the right gems at the right time and not putting up too many at once. It was disappointing to see the new metas drop to below 150g so quickly, but there is still profit to be made here if you simply don't let the amount of flooding and undercutting dampen your [shadow] spirits. ;)
  • The last of my starter gear pieces finally sold. That is something I don't want to bother with again, but it was nice to buy things for a handful of copper and sell them all for between 5 and 25g - even if it did take a few months!

My plan of attack
With little time to play and even less time to be able to do things like prospect, disenchant and post individual items to the auction house, I have to plan my gold-making prospects pretty wisely. Things like being more aware of when to post, when to buy, and what to invest in or spend time doing in order to get things out there where (and when) there is a demand.

I will continue to try and a. Buy up Obsidium Ore for prospecting; b. Buy Pyrite Ore in the hopes that when epic gems drop my stockpile will net me some serious profit in some way; c. Turn gems into jewellery to send to my enchanter; and d. Cut prospected rare PvE gems and post them up on Wed morning (Tues afternoon, server time)*.

I hope to eventually get my hands on the new meta designs, too: Agile, Burning and Reverberating.

Basic mats are gained through disenchanting the jewellery sent from my jewelcrafter. I want to a. Sell Hypnotic Dust and Greater Celestial Essence; b. Enchant and sell low level scrolls for twinks and BoA gear; and c. Enchant and sell high level scrolls when Maelstrom Crystals are much more readily available.

This is a tricky one. I only just got my alchemist to 520 last night, finally, after the cost of Whiptail went down. It's hard to try and get everything done that you want to get done when you have such little time to play! Eight more Alicites and I can shoot to 525 and finally begin transmuting.

At 525, it is my hope that I will: a. Transmute metas from the uncommon gems sent from my jewelcrafter; b. Transmute daily - Living Elements or Truegold; and c. Create flasks for posting on Wed morning (Tues afternoon, server time)*.

Fishing and Cooking
Not big money-makers, but I'm mentioning these because, a. Doing the dailies nets a little bit of gold and they are easy for even me to slip in at some point during most evenings; b. I want to get the rare fishing rod and learn every cooking recipe; and c. Selling buff food is in fact a possibility to make a little extra gold on the side.

* More people raid on Tuesday nights - the day following maintenance - than any other night. This is prime time for providing the necessary items and reagents for people who are both about to raid (flasks and food buffs) and have finished raiding (gems). Get your gems and flasks/elixirs up during that period and ignore the undercutters. Auctioneering 101, friend. Now I have to go and listen to my own advice!

My characters
Well, Gaiwyn is level 85 but is in really crappy gear so far. I have started on Twilight Highlands, so will work my way through there and then hit up normal dungeons with guildies if I ever get the chance.

Ilyaena is level 84 and I have started on Uldum. Playing a Shadow Priest is really fun. I hope that at 85 I will be able to both heal and dps in instances.

Selaena is also level 84. I haven't yet started on Uldum, but I will eventually; probably after the insane amount of Whiptail spawns have been tuned back to normal. I also find playing a mutilate rogue to be very fun.

It's all a matter of balancing play-time between my three toons. Some of my limited time is spent posting auctions or doing some sort of auction- or profession-related activity; and some of it is spent doing professions dailies or trying to zip over to a zone and get a few quests in. It's not possible every day to do what I want to do; but I do try and find a few minutes to at least do Gaiwyn's cooking and fishing dailies!

I am 5% of the way towards the gold cap. It's difficult to not look at all of the people around me who post at the forums I do and feel so small and underachieving. But we all move at our own pace; and it is important to realise that putting the important things in life - my wife and kids, work, and trying to aim towards dreams for the future - is much more worthwhile in the long run.

Take it easy.

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore


Vayaz said...

Don't be hasty. You don't make "tens of thousands a week" all the time without spending a good amount of time either, plus it needs time to build and maintain such an empire.
But the good thing is, you don't have to.

What for, if not for the fun of it? Enjoy what you got, see how it will grow, but don't focus solely on that aspect, and you will indeed be happier in the end.

PS: Perhaps you should allow visitors to comment without actually having to register to Google, because that might be a hurdle.

Timotheos said...

Thanks for the comment. Actually, I looked back over the history of this blog and there was a lot of spam. I only just recently changed the comment settings to try and prevent any more from showing up.

I'm actually taking a bit of a break from the game right now. My playtime has slowed down to seldom logging in anymore. When it is no longer fun, find something else that keeps you entertained!