Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hardcore Guild is Hardcore

Ensidia has downed Yogg-Saron, the final boss of Ulduar.

Mind you, they are possibly the most hardcore guild in the world at present. And they, along with every other insane guild, have yet to complete Ulduar on "hardmode". Let's just hope that it really will be a serious gear check, and that no one will even get to Algalon the Observer for a few weeks yet.

In other news, I started on the Argent Tournament today. I will try and log in each day to do the dailies and work towards not only becoming a Champion representative, but also to earn enough tokens to get both the ground and flying mounts that are available.

A Mage with a lance. Funfun. >.<

My Warlock is level 30, finally. And I will try and find time also to play my Priest a bit. I will be speccing Discipline next time I log her. I just miss healing. ^_^

Of course, I will fill the build out as I level, until it is 57/14/0. I look forward to healing heroics!

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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