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Cataclysm Factions And Their Rewards

I'm back from my 18-day holiday in New Zealand. :D

Speaking of going back, I'd like to revisit the roots of this blog a little. I'm going to move away from gold-blogging and talk a bit about the Cataclysm factions and the rewards you can purchase at Honored, Revered and Exalted with each. Perhaps this will help someone with planning where to level (as that directly affects your immediate reputation with any given faction) and which tabard to wear into dungeons first.

The five PvE factions are:NB. When something is listed as healing, it implies that it is a spirit-based item and as such also benefits caster specs of the appropriate hybrid class. Items listed as caster items are preferable for caster dps specs for hybrid classes, but spirit gear should not be ruled out completely.

Guardians of Hyjal (Wowhead)
Honored - Item Level 333
Cloak of the Dryads - Healing Cloak
Galrond's Band - Strength Ring
Mountain's Mouth - Tanking Neck
Sly Fox Jerkin - Leather DPS Chest

Revered - Item Level 346
Arcanum of Hyjal - Caster / Healer Head Enchant
Acorn of the Daughter Tree - Agility Neck
Aessina-Blessed Gloves - Leather Caster Gloves
Waywatcher's Boots - Plate DPS Boots
Wilderness Legguards - Mail Healing Legs

Exalted - Item Level 359
Belt of the Ferocious Wolf - Plate DPS Belt
Cord of [the] Raven Queen - Cloth Healing Belt
Treads of Malorne - Mail DPS Boots
Wrap of the Great Turtle - Tanking Cloak

Conclusion: Good for tanks, healers and plate dps. Arcanum for casters and healers.

Ramkahen (Wowhead)
Honored - Item Level 333
Ammunae's Blessing - Healing Ring
Belt of the Stargazer - Mail DPS Belt
Drystone Greaves - Plate Healing Boots
Shroud of the Dead - Strength Cloak

Revered - Item Level 346
Arcanum of the Ramkahen - Agility DPS Head Enchant
Quicksand Belt - Leather DPS Belt
Red Rock Band - Strength Ring
Robes of Orsis - Caster Chest
Sash of Prophecy - Mail Healing Belt

Exalted - Item Level 359
Desert Walker Sandals - Caster Boots
Gift of Nadun - Strength Neck
Sandguard Bracers - Plate Tanking Wrists
Sun King's Girdle - Plate Healing Belt

Conclusion: Good for casters, plate dps and plate healers. Arcanum for agility classes.

The Earthen Ring (Wowhead)
Honored - Item Level 333
Helm of Temperance - Caster Hood
Mantle of Moss - Mail DPS Shoulders
Pendant of Elemental Balance - Healing Neck
Stone-Wrapped Greaves - Plate Tanking Legs

Revered - Item Level 346
Arcanum of the Earthen Ring - Tank Head Enchant
Cloak of Ancient Wisdom - Caster Cloak
Leggings of Clutching Roots - Leather Healing Legs
Peacemaker's Breastplate - Plate Healing Chest
Softwind Cape - Agility Cloak

Exalted - Item Level 359
Earthmender's Boots - Mail Healing Boots
Flamebloom Gloves - Caster Gloves
Signet of the Elder Council - Agility Ring
World Keeper's Gauntlets - Plate Healing Gloves

Conclusion: Good for agility dps, plate healers and casters. Arcanum for tanks.

Therazane (Wowhead)
This faction is for shoulder enchants and rings for all classes and specs. Please note that currently the shoulder enchants are Bind on Pickup, meaning you will need to raise reputation with this faction on any character that you wish to give shoulder enchants to. They will likely change to Bind to Account in a future patch.

Wildhammer Clan (Wowhead)
Honored - Item Level 333
Gloves of Aetherial Rumors - Caster Gloves
Helm of the Skyborne - Mail Healing Helm
Mantle of Wild Feathers - Leather Healing Shoulders
Swiftflight Leggings - Leather DPS Legs

Revered - Item Level 346
Arcanum of the Wildhammer - Strength Head Enchant
Band of Singing Grass - Caster Ring
Crown of Wings - Plate Tanking Helm
Gryphon Talon Gauntlets - Plate DPS Gloves
Windhome Helm - Mail DPS Helm

Exalted - Item Level 359
Belt of the Untamed - Leather Healing Belt
Gryphon Rider's Boots - Plate Tanking Boots
Lightning Flash Pendant - Caster Neck
Stormbolt Gloves - Leather DPS Gloves

Conclusion: Good for plate tanks, casters, leather dps and leather healing. Arcanum for plate dps.

Dragonmaw Clan (Wowhead)
You should know by now that I don't play Horde! Rewards are equivalent to Wildhammer Clan rewards.

That's all from me for now!


Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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