Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Talent Builds

More free time in the office and more talent builds, for fun. v.3.1.9972.

Elemental Shaman (57/14/0)
I've been Elemental for so long, I could probably fill these talents out with my eyes closed; even with the changes.

Enhancement Shaman (11/60/0)
I want to give Enhancement another shot. There will still be the matter of collecting AP gear and some melee weapons.

Smite Priest (38/28/5)
I want to try this for fun, because it is so unique! I could go into an instance and tell people that I will be Smiting. And if they don't outdps me then they seriously have problems. :p Of course, off-healing would be no problem with this spec, either. Could prove to be fun soloing, too. :)

Balance Druid (58/0/13)
Seeing as I am going melee with so many toons, spellcasting as a Moonkin could be fun. It is also something I have never done, so will be interesting to try. ^^

My Paladin is level 68 now. I want to level Blacksmithing before heading into Northrend. I am thinking Howling Fjord when I do pick up questing again.

Gaiwyn of Proudmoore

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